Why Do Men Look At Women’s Butts On The Street

Juliano Righetto
3 min readAug 4, 2020

Girls … I know it is unpleasant and invasive… But I will try to explain.

Imagine that you woke up late today. REALLY late. You left the house without having breakfast. You went to your job with a rumbling stomach… You arrived, you worked anxiously for lunchtime… But when it finally arrives… Your boss asks you for an urgent task: find a representative of your company’s headquarters at the airport.

And you’re already late for this!

You run to your car and head to the airport. On the way, a street vendor appears, bringing candy (in this story, you live in Brazil, ok?)… He approaches, and you think, “Candy? Why not?”. You take your wallet, separate the money, wait for the seller to arrive…

But the light goes on, and you leave before he gets to your car.

You continue driving to the airport. You think that, on the way to the Arrivals Terminal, you will have time to stop at that cafeteria that sells cheese bread. “Mmmmm… I’ll buy some! Warm, delicious…”. However, when you arrive at the Arrivals Terminal, you met the headquarters representative holding a small plaque with your name. He arrived early; the plane caught a tailwind…

Damn it!

You are still trying to find a way to buy your cheese bread, but the gringo is in a hurry and barely understands what you are explaining.

“What the hell is‘ cheese-bread?’”

“I’ll show you…”

“No, thanks! I’m not hungry! Let’s go to the office!”

Damn it! Fucking gringo! My stomach is sticking here!

You and the gringo get absurd traffic to the office. On the way, another street vendor approaches, with “bijú.” He comes to your window; you smile, take your wallet… And the gringo screams!

“Hey! What the hell? Don’t open that window! He’s a robber!”

“No! He’s selling bijús!”

“Drive, young lady! Just drive!”

You arrive at the office, crawling with hunger. Hand the gringo over to your boss and sneak out… Maybe there’s a cookie in the coffee room?

“Hey, where are you going? Meeting, dear… We were just waiting for you two to arrive!

The meeting lasts until nine o’clock at night… You are passing out from hunger; your stomach almost made a hole with the coffee you drank…

Juliano Righetto

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