The Girl Who Went To Bed With Me Because She Thought I Was Someone Else

Juliano Righetto
4 min readOct 2, 2020

In the distant years when I was single, there was a time when Facebook was still not very well known in Brazil. There was, however, another social network that dominated our internet, the late Orkut. It was a cool network, I have to say. They had “Communities,” spaces created to discuss specific subjects, many of them very inspired, like “I rang the bell and ran,” “I’m just pleasant, I’m not hitting on you,” and “I wanted ice cream, but it was beans” — here, in Brazil, it is common to use ice cream packaging to store other foods in the freezer, such as beans, which can cause great disappointment for those who are looking to eat ice cream. See how those guys had imagination:

Queria sorvete, mas era feijão (I wanted ice cream, but it was beans). Source:
“Nietzsche for Speed” is awesome! Hehehehe! Source:

But there were also more “serious” communities, such as the “Former Students of Externato Ibirapuera” or “Pakalolo” — guess who owned this? In fact, my story is all about this: being a community owner on Orkut. My gym had a community that I was a member. After a long time, the community’s owner, one of the academy’s teachers, was fired. He then gave up on the community and left it without an owner.

The next day I accessed the community and noticed that it no longer had an owner. Since it was a community that I joined every day, I took it.

Weeks later, a girl chats with me on Orkut.

“I saw that you are the academy community’s owner, I worked out there, but I stopped…”

I looked at her photos. An interesting woman, with a fit body, long brown hair, fleshy mouth. I was single, so I thought, “why not?”

We exchanged our MSNs — I’m old, I know — and started chatting there. It didn’t take long before she wanted to turn on her webcam. And, look, that girl was excited. There were rare times when I saw someone take off their clothes so quickly!

The hard part is that all this “availability” takes away my lust a little. Sure, I was interested, but the interest turned entirely to the sexual side of the thing. Whether or not it could become a long-term relationship, that haste managed to eliminate the chances. I didn’t even think…

Juliano Righetto

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