Few of you were so bold …

image courtesy of Sergio Souza, Unsplash

I was studying in a very tree-lined street in Jardins, a wonderful neighborhood here in São Paulo. My school was in a lovely square. I was at school in the afternoon, so when my mother went to pick me up, the sun was setting.
I had a routine, then, to see that beautiful street always at the same time, with the red sky at sunset, the sun’s rays passing through the trees’ leaves, a pleasant temperature…

It was then that the first profession of my dreams appeared.

It involved a huge and powerful vehicle, cool uniforms, and an activity that…

A simple mathematical operation can give us a slight perception of the quantities we are dealing with …

Can you imagine staying inside one of these, accelerating at full speed, for almost a year? Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash

This is not a pretentious article whose goal is to completely change your life with essential information from the universe.

Its objective is much simpler: to try to bring the reader a notion, even if primary, of how big the universe is and, mainly, of how small and fragile we human beings are.

If you have any scientific curiosity, you may have heard a bit of these literally astronomical numbers. For example, the Moon. …

Or “Old Age Reaches Everyone.”

I have an aunt who is seventy-four years old. She is an artist; she has been working with crafts for decades; she has the soul of getting to know the world, like a child.

She has lived alone for many years. A little more than five years ago, she moved to Itaim Bibi, a neighborhood that is well within the city of São Paulo, but even so, it is very wooded and full of life.


For some time now, my aunt has acquired a habit. Since she can’t walk the streets to get in touch with the bit of…

If it is impossible to find a calling card these days, you can try using an iPhone.

The time I studied drama was one of the most fun in my life. I wasn’t that young anymore, I was twenty-seven when I started, but most people in drama school were much younger than me, starting at fifteen and reaching eighteen, nineteen (there were people even older than me, but they were exceptions).

Because of this, there were many parties, meetings, trips, games… Everything typical of young people but that I embraced as if I was their age.

One such game was called a “card game.” Its dynamics were quite simple: we formed a circle in which men and…

And, oddly enough, my friends who witnessed my death were already smiling minutes later.

I died at the beginning of April 2001. Brazil only found out on the 8th of the same month. In other words, officially, today it is twenty years since I “died.”

Me, hugged with my “killer,” right after my death, with a shot in the forehead—author’s photo.

I’ll explain: I was part of General Neto’s troop when camped in the pampas of Rio Grande do Sul. During the night, our camp was invaded by surprise by imperial soldiers. Even perplexed, I managed to get out of my tent and kill four imperials using my saber… But a fifth approached me while I fought, aimed his rifle at my head, and fired a straight shot.

It took…

Sometimes you can choose the best possible outfit… Or the worst possible outfit… Or both at the same time!

Photo by Yehor Milohrodskyi on Unsplash

A few years ago, my brother-in-law left the house in a hurry. He climbed into his Harley-Davidson and shot through the streets of São Paulo. He passed a line of cars in a traffic jam when a car, coming from a side street, came in front of him without noticing his presence. My brother-in-law crashed the bike at fifty kilometers an hour and was thrown away.

When he woke up, already surrounded by onlookers, the first thing he did was check if he could move his feet. He could. Then he realized that he was in a lot of pain…

Why do I always have to let my impulsive side rule me?

image courtesy of Alexander Jawfox, Unsplash.

When I started working out at the gym I go to (or would it be better to say “I did,” since I haven’t been there for over a year thanks to the pandemic?), I met a girl who interested me a lot. One of the days when I returned home, I passed the bakery nearby and found her there. We chatted that day, and we started talking regularly. There was a certain amount of electricity in the air… For some reason, I don’t remember now (this happened in 2004), I didn’t ask for her phone in this first conversation.


Why is it so hard for some people to congratulate others on their excellent work?

Shortly after graduating from Célia Helena Drama School, I was hired to work on television and spent a good deal of time in Rio de Janeiro. When I came back, I was missing the theater. They say that television sucks the actor and the theater feeds. It is true. I needed to do something to nourish myself again.

I went back to Célia Helena and found out that several changes had happened. The main one was in the teaching method: instead of using the technique of Célia Helena, the school’s founder, they started to work in partnership with the Moscow…

Life is too short, you know

If you accompany me here on Medium, you know that I had a life full of relationships. I learned early on not to be afraid of women, and I dated whenever I had the will and the opportunity. Many of these relationships have worked, but most have gone wrong, which has made me very tough. My heart, little by little, was creating a kind of shield. That happened unconsciously; the only thing I realized was that failures didn’t hurt that much anymore.

The problem is that the same thing happened with victories.

What I mean is that, after a certain…

My New Year’s Eve 2000 could have been much more enjoyable…

Me and my girlfriend that New Year’s Eve. Do not notice the terrible glasses I bought at the beach vendor or the amount of blocker she put on her face—photo by the Author.

I started dating a girl from drama school in the middle of 1999. She was very young, she was seventeen, I was twenty-nine, so I went slow because she had never had a man in her life. We “played” a lot, of course, we were in love and excited. But that story of one piece fitting the other did not happen.

And that was okay… I wanted it to be extraordinary, so I gave her the time she wanted.

A few weeks after we started dating, her best friend and boyfriend, of whom we were inseparable, invited us to spend…

Juliano Righetto

“We are nearsighted because we are brief.” Actor, Screenwriter, Author, Top Writer 2019 and 2020 on Quora in Portuguese with more than 20 million views.

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