A story based on actual events.

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Lulu was born as an artist.

Since she was a little girl, she organized drama, singing, and dance performances to parents, relatives, and friends, and it was a great success!

Even before puberty, she already knew that she would become an actress. She would make a living doing what she liked best, acting.

When she turned sixteen, she started studying at a professional drama school.

Very talented, in a short time, she won the hearts of her colleagues and directors. Whenever they chose a play to stage, it was easy to bet the female protagonist: Lulu!

The girl ended up…

No, we didn’t break up for the reason you’re thinking

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In my most “player” phase, from the age of twenty to thirty, I had no barrier at all. If I was walking on the street and a girl interested me, I would go to her, introduce myself and start chatting. Many times it didn’t work, of course … But some worked.

The story I am going to tell was one of these cases.

I was walking through Shopping Paulista, where I worked at a store called “Pakalolo.” A girl passed me by. She was short, with white skin, black hair, a pretty face, and a tiny but spectacular body. …

And I ended up leaving someone obsessed with me

When I acted in “Blindness,” my role was that of the Thief. Anyone who knows the story knows that when he gets stuck with the rest of the group inside the abandoned asylum, the first thing he does is take off his clothes.

He spends the rest of the story in his underwear.

And, as I was lending him my body…

Our play was almost two hours long, and I spent about forty minutes in my underwear. And we performed the play in a large theater, Maria Della Costa, here in São Paulo, with a capacity for five hundred people.

In short, I did what Joey Tribianni did: I did it anyway.

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I have only had problems in this area on two occasions. In one, I was dating a girl who lived with her parents. Her house had two bedrooms, and she had a sister. For more privacy, her father built a separate room for my girlfriend, which was at the back of the house. To get to it, we had to climb an external spiral staircase.

She and I dated for many years; the parents knew that we slept together… But, officially, they didn’t. We never dealt with it, and she avoided talking about it in front of them.

Her parents…

Until a certain age, it is tough to convince a child that what we are doing is serious work.

I have had some curious experiences when playing with child actors.

The first was in the miniseries “Seven Women,” during a scene that portrayed a baptism party. It was a huge party, with hundreds of people, typical of a Brazilian state called Rio Grande do Sul. There were horses, too.

Most of the actors and I had to dance a typical dance there. …

That was a night that ended the way I least expected it. And it ended up the way I expected it to, too.

Twenty-five years ago, I was an Amway distributor. For those who don’t know what this is, I worked in association with an American multilevel marketing company. The job consisted of getting new member-consumers for that company, of which I would earn a small percentage of consumption. I should also help my associated consumers to form their consumer network, and so on… I already know the image that created in your head at this very moment:

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But I didn’t tell all of this to discuss multilevel marketing. …

Some small events end up defining our whole life

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I must have been nine or ten years old.

At this time, my world revolved around the family of my mother’s best friend. She was married and had two children, and her son was the same age as me. This boy, however, had a very evident characteristic: he was extremely spoiled. Very handsome and intelligent, his parents spent most of the time praising him, to the point of “damaging” the boy (his future, unfortunately, was bleak, perhaps partly because of his parents’ behavior, but this is not the subject that we are discussing today). …

Can it really be said that every work has some artistic value?

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I have as a principle to watch anything that I propose until the end. Do you know that hope that, at some point, something will happen and make it the most significant event of my life? Yes, I am one of these …

But some works make you want to come out in the middle. Movies so without rhyme or reason that it is impossible to turn off the reality sense to be able to embark on the story and enjoy, at least, a different point of view than mine. …

I sell my body.

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Some people call me and say they want to use my body. They’re going to pay good money for this.

They tell me what they want me to do. They send it in writing.

I see the instructions. I memorize step by step — this is important; if I don’t do EXACTLY what they ask for, they don’t pay me.

Then these people send me a plane ticket to another city. They send a driver to pick me up at the airport. They take me to a vast, cold building, where other people who sold their bodies are there, too.

I learned to ride a horse during combat!

Me (at the center) and some actors of “Seven Women.” Image by the Author.

I was lucky.

My first television role was in the miniseries “Seven Women,” set in the Ragamuffin War between 1835 and 1845. My role was that of an Italian revolutionary brought to Rio Grande do Sul by Giuseppe Garibaldi. Almost all of my scenes involved battles.

I was, at the time, thirty-two years old. My graduation at the Teatro-Escola Célia Helena had taken place less than a year ago, and my second professional play had stopped a few months ago. I was hired on a Thursday, and my first taping would take place on Saturday.

I no longer expected to…

Juliano Righetto

“We are nearsighted because we are brief.” Actor, Screenwriter, Author, Top Writer 2019 and 2020 on Quora in Portuguese with more than 21 million views.

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