In 1982 I had a black poodle called “Flor.” It’s her in my mother’s arms in the photo below; the other dogs are her puppies:

source: personal files

Flor was brought up in a little too orthodox way. My mother believed that, if taught well, the dog could walk down the sidewalks without a leash. In practice, Flor learned: she would go to the edge of the sidewalk and wait to be picked up to cross the street. But… From time to time, when we were in a hurry, lazy, or carrying something, we would permit to cross, and she would follow us.

And I even sang to her on that phone call!

Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

One of the girls I liked the most in my life was a saleswoman at Pakalolo, the store where I worked in 1991, and one of the places where I was happiest in my life. She and I had a troubled history: when I met her, she was dating one of the other cashiers at the store. I was interested in someone else, so I didn’t care much, but both my relationship and hers just happened to end almost simultaneously, and the sadness we felt together drew us closer together.

Bottom line… Months after we met and fought almost daily…

Or “How our subconscious can play the worst tricks on us when it wants to.”

source: personal files

In the late eighties, I took a trip to Europe that lasted forty days. At the time, I was a keyboardist in a band in my high school, so all I thought about was music. Because of this, I spent almost half the money I took — which literally forced me to starve — on CDs, some silver discs’ technology that had just been released and that now collect dust in music history museums.

Upon arriving in Brazil, I became the main attraction of the school. It was common for us to record cassette tapes with song selections — the…

Sometimes a little push is enough… Or, perhaps, a slight tug!

Photo by Víctor Vázquez on Unsplash

It took me a long time to choose my profession.

In fact, I only realized that I wanted to be an actor when I was twenty-seven.

So I spent a good part of my youth working in jobs that barely supported me. It wasn’t in those areas that I wanted to act.

That’s why I was a shopkeeper in Shopping Centers for several years. …

A short story from the dentist’s chair

At twenty-four, twenty-five, I went to the dentist for a checkup on my mouth. As she teased me with those sharp metal tools they usually use, I heard something like this:

DENTIST — You need to floss more! At your age, it is common to start to have gingivitis! Do you want to lose those teeth that took so long to align?

ME — Of course not! I’ll floss every brushing!

DENTIST — If possible, buy an electric toothbrush! It massages the gums more; it will make them stronger quickly!

ME — Electric brush?

DENTIST — Yes! And I’ll teach…

Or “The Day My View of Gays Changed Forever.”

Photo by Alora Griffiths on Unsplash

Many years ago, when I was still at the beginning of my television career, I became friends with an actor who was already well-known and, years later, became really famous. He was friendly and we had fantastic philosophical conversations. Still, I didn’t understand why when I talked about my love life — I had ended a three-year relationship and was now with a girl, but it didn’t work — he told nothing about his.

Until, one day, we were at a restaurant having lunch and I asked:

ME — What famous actresses have you slept with?

HE — Juliano, I…

That was the worst Christmas of my life.

source: personal files

It was Zeca who decided to be my dog. He was my aunt’s, who lived in my building several floors above mine. As she worked with crafts and the house was full of objects with fresh paint, she asked me to take care of him during the day, and I did that.

Over time, Zeca no longer wanted to go up to her apartment.

And when she moved from here, he wanted to stay.

And he stayed.

When I took him to the vet, I found out that he had a birth heart problem. From what I was told, his…

How is it possible for a government to politicize health in such a shameful way?

source: personal files

Today, it was finally time for my comorbidity — being born in 1970 — and I was vaccinated at Club Athletico Paulistano, a place frequented by the elite here. Fortunately, it was a drive-thru, so I joined the line of cars.

In front of me, a beautiful black Range Rover.

I thought, “Yeah, I’m floating in the cream of society!”

The car’s owner, however, turned it off, got out, and closed it, running towards the first girl who coordinated the vaccination. I figured he had gone to ask for some information, and I waited. Thirty seconds later, he came back…

She looked like a child who had been given the Christmas present she wanted most!

Once I was auditioning for a TV commercial here in São Paulo. The scene involved a couple talking, and one of the girls who were there was assigned to act with me. She was a beautiful brunette with green eyes and white skin. She was twenty-four years old.

Photo by Carol Oliver on Unsplash

As we talked, I noticed her behavior changed. She started laughing at every word I said; taking my arm, she got agitated. I realized that she had taken an interest in me, but there was something different there… something naive, exaggerated, even childish.

Remember, the girl was twenty-four years old.

I, who…

Photo by Mārtiņš Zemlickis on Unsplash

For practically all my love life, I was always the one who took the initiative. I lost my inhibition very early, right after my first relationship, so the hits I received were scarce.

But there was a period when I was still getting used to “not being shy.”

And it was in this period that this story took place.

I was in Guarujá — a coastal city in the state of São Paulo, here in Brazil, where I live — hosted in a friend’s apartment. …

Juliano Righetto

“We are nearsighted because we are brief.” Actor, Screenwriter, Author, Top Writer 2019 and 2020 on Quora in Portuguese with more than 22 million views.

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